4 Ways to Quickly See Results With SalesRipe’s 100 Free Business Leads

Gary Wellington
April 20, 2017

Getting free business leads is a great start to gaining more clients and increasing your sales. The only problem is that those leads aren’t going to turn themselves into customers—you need to put in a little elbow grease.

One of the hardest parts of converting customers is finding quality leads. Thanks to SalesRipe you can now download 100 free business leads into an excel sheet when you sign up for our 3-day free trial. Once you have a list of leads, you’re already half way to a sale.

Now all that’s left to do is convert your leads into paying customers. This isn’t as difficult as it seems. By following these four simple tips, you can quickly see results and turn your leads into profit in no time.

Everyone Likes Free Stuff

Offering incentives to your leads is a great way to give them that extra push they may need to convert. The free gift you offer your clients doesn’t need to be anything expensive or fancy, just something that’s enough to say, “I appreciate your business.”

It’s difficult for leads that have already showed interest in your business to pass up a free offer. Nevertheless, try to create a unique incentive that specifically targets your leads and makes it nearly impossible for them to turn it down.

Stay in Touch With Your Leads

Market research has found that before a client is ready to go head first and buy your product, they need to have a strong familiarity with your services and reputation. Clients are only willing to buy from businesses they know they can trust.

What’s the easiest way to increase your leads confidence and trust? Stay in contact with them. You want to make sure you’re regularly following up with your leads while at the same time balancing the line between being thoughtful and just plain pushy.

Answer All of Your Leads’ Questions

Many potential clients never make the leap into customer status because they’re unsure of specific details about your business. Whether it’s the price of your product or the quality of your services, you should be answering every question a lead asks you promptly and informatively.

There’s only one problem with this method—a lot of leads don’t have the time to reach out to you and ask their questions. If this is the case, you should work on creating a comprehensive FAQ page on your website to make sure no potential client’s inquiries go unanswered.

Set a Deadline

A lot of people work better under pressure, including potential customers. If you let your clients know that there’s a cut-off date, whether it signifies the removal from a marketing funnel or the expiration of a limited discount, they are much more likely to respond.

Creating a time limit on your correspondence or offer will create a sense of urgency for your clients and push them to make a decision. This way they have the choice of either going through with the sale or not. Either way, you get a quick answer and aren’t wasting your time.

Bottom Line

Converting your leads into paying customers is as easy as following these four steps. Taking the time to connect with your clients and answer their questions can increase their confidence in your business and turn into a sale.

Remember, business leads don’t convert into paying customers without a little attention and care. Sometimes giving clients the little extra push they need can lead to more customers and increased profits for your business.

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