5 Sure-Fire Tips to Help You Strengthen Your Current Cold Email Script

Gary Wellington
June 28, 2017

It can be easy to appear “spammy” without a strategically written and refined cold email script. That said, it might be time to revise your message to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward when reaching out to these potential clients, investors or consumers. 

As cold emails have become standard practice for all types of businesses, we’ve honed in on what makes them successful or just another unexpected item in your inbox. Below are five proven tips to help you strengthen your current cold email script:

1) Cut the Fluff

Keep in mind that you likely have no prior communication with this individual. Thusly, spare them the inconvenience of reading through wordy descriptions of your business and how successful you’ve become. Most other instances in the business world have room for demonstrating your credibility in such a way, but not in the initial cold email.

Fluffy content in a cold email is different than most professional emails or written inquiries. For instance, there is simply no time for a basic introduction; your recipients only concern is what you have to offer them and not who you are or how long you’ve worked for the company.

Get straight to the point and let them know why you’re reaching out and how you can help them specifically.

2) Adjust Your Tone 

Many companies take the hyper-professional approach and end up sounding robotic. You know what else reads poorly and sounds robotic? Spam. Your writing voice in a cold email should be no different from the voice in which you write your coworkers. Reassure your potential client or consumer that you are in fact human.

Additionally, readers are able to pick up on more than you think just from the first couple lines of your email. While the content in your first few lines are likely the most substantial, your natural and strategic writing tone is what will save you from appearing desperate.

3) Know Your Recipient

Prior to sending any cold email, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research on your prospect. So many companies create a stock cold email script and send it to a list of highly diverse clients, and they wonder why they’re not seeing positive results. Any business professional has the ability to immediately recognize and discredit copied and pasted material.

To avoid appearing redundant or vague, ditch the stock script and start writing personalized messages. Browse their website for current projects or executive names. This way you’re able to demonstrate exactly how you’ll benefit their company and you’ll get immediate credibility points by namedropping. 

4) Modify Your Subject Line

Take a moment and consider your personal inbox on an average weekday. Chances are it’s cluttered with “spammy” content or promotional messages from services you signed up for years ago that go straight to the trash. Your recipient’s inbox undoubtedly looks similar.

Your subject line is where word choice and personalization matters most. Strive for a six to eight word subject line, and don’t hesitate to namedrop here to immediately win their attention.

Additionally, try playing around with relevant keywords in your subject line based on your recipient’s field or current projects. After all, you’ve never contacted this individual before so give them a good reason to open your email.

5) Read From Your Audience’s Perspective

Oftentimes, companies send out mass cold emails without considering the value of the content in relation to their prospective client or consumer. While this does give the company name more exposure, it also gives them a poor reputation for continuously pestering.

As you’re crafting cold emails, continue to ask yourself if you’d be persuaded to take action or conduct business with your company based on this message as a first impression. Your main objective is to solve problems without being intrusive, so dive right in while keeping it brief and personalized.

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