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Regards of the industry or enterprise, generating leads and converting them to sales often feels like a major struggle. Yet, the solution is an obvious one. The key is to simply break down the steps by defining, measuring and optimizing. In essence, lead generation. This structure enables you to generate and convert leads as seamlessly as possible. If you are excited to build a lead management plan from the ground up or simply needing more effective leads, then consider SalesRipe to be the clear cut answer. Here is a guide to how users can get B2B sales leads by using SalesRipe.

Set Up Lead Scoring and Grading Criteria

When using our management guide, you will need to begin by prioritizing the leads on which to focus your efforts. This can be done with lead scoring and grading, through assigning a specific worth to each generated lead based on various characteristics and allowing you to properly position and rank each lead. Although it sounds somewhat mundane, evaluating the criteria is absolutely crucial.

Sales Qualified Lead

If you’re like many managers, you often hear your sales team complain that the leads are not good enough and then do not follow through. This is very common for two reasons. If the leads you are passing to your sales team are not sales competent, then salespeople waste valuable time attempting to separate the good from the not-so-great. Additionally, and often the most common, the sales team will actually not use your leads at all and throw them among the worthless leads. With a good lead generator like the one from SalesRipe you will repair this separation in lead definitions and allow them to translate into a considerable increase in lead conversion rates. All it takes is a quick sales team meeting to go over with everyone the proper definition of an actual qualified sales lead. You’ll want to cover such things as budget, buying ability, solution requirements and urgency. Be sure to allocate a minimum lead score to each lead prior to sending them over to your sales representative.

Align the Sales and Buying Cycles

Remember, buying and sales cycles are similar, but never the same thing. They need to be aligned. Preparation for the content and conversations that are required to have a buyer move through the buying cycle guarantees that leads will always be in your hands and ready to use at your disposal.

Determine Data to Include with Qualified Leads

Work closely with your sales team so they know what they need to work a lead through successfully. For this, be sure to include every type of contact information available from company name and job title to social media and appropriate phone numbers. Additionally, also include things like the prospect’s budget, authority for making any type of purchasing decision, what individuals may play a role in influencing the decision, and how your solution fits into the company’s need as well as when they plan to make such decisions. Including all of this type of information makes the work of the sales representative much easier and gives them more time to actually convert those leads into sales.

Measure, Report and Optimize

Determine what metrics you need for gauging your success in managing leads and to ensure that you are tracking them appropriately. These measurements will give you a quick look into what is really working for you and what isn’t. Keeping tabs on this information will allow you to change the process and allow you to make whatever changes are necessary to increase your sales success.

By following these simple check list and applying B2b sales leads from SalesRipe, you’ll certainly increase your lead to sales conversion rates. Ready to get started? Start your FREE Trial today.

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