We Put the Bulls-eye in B2B

While cold-calling a maximum number of contacts possible certainly has its place in the business world, there are times when the advantage of directly calling business owners is required. This is why SalesRipe offers the advantage of its superior filtering capabilities when it comes to providing Leads to our clients who need them.

One of the features of SalesRipe, that is most appreciated by our clients, is the ability to provide different types of business lead lists. And when it comes to directly contacting business owners, consider this – in the United States, there are currently more than 3,500,000 business owners! That’s a lot of sales revenue potential that is under-used by most of those companies who need to market to these individuals.

Do you have what they need?

If you didn’t believe in the product that you’re marketing, you wouldn’t be doing it in the first place. But the biggest problem with businesses that use cold-call marketing doesn’t have to do with the product that they’re offering. It has to do with finding those who can use their product to begin with. While it’s possible to grab a phone book and look up all the businesses that might be able to use your product, those phone listings generally won’t tell you how to get in touch with the highest level decision-making individuals– namely the owners.

This is an especially critical issue when it comes to high-ticket items. For example, if you’re marketing standard, low-end business supplies (pens, pencils, copier paper, etc.), a medium to large company will usually designate an employee (supply manager) to make and manage these purchase decisions. In these cases, you certainly don’t need to speak to the business owner when it comes to purchasing small amounts of desk supplies.

But suppose you are marketing a high-end piece of equipment or you’re looking to sell a large contract of business supplies? This is usually not something that a lower-level employee can sign off on. It will require the permission of a high-level manager and usually the owner. Unfortunately, this is where the red tape usually begins. As you make your way through various “permissions” and sign-offs, there is always the chance that your approval requests can get lost in the shuffle. It’s pretty common to have to call the same non-decision makers multiple times in your efforts to reach the owner (who’s usually a pretty busy person).

Having the ability to directly market to the owner can be an invaluable advantage in your business. With SalesRipe, we provide you with the leads that you need in order to give your company the best chance of closing the deal.

We invite you to look at the other advantages SalesRipe offers, in addition to our owner lists:

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