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Attempting to expand your business through the use of leads can be next to impossible without high quality, qualified contact lists. Imagine if you will, wasting your time calling a business that deals with “lawn furniture” (for example) and you’re in the business of marketing a high-level technology product! Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

This is precisely the reason why our clients have turned to SalesRipe, when it comes to obtaining the leads necessary in order to establish contact with those businesses that would truly be interested in what they have to offer. At SalesRipe, we offer several advantages that will allow your company to increase its revenue in the most efficient way possible. In many cases, within minutes!

Unlimited Leads

One of the best advantages that we offer has to do with our client’s ability to have access to an unlimited number of leads. This doesn’t mean that you have to wait for weeks (and sometimes months) in order to obtain a new list of leads. This means that we provide you with unlimited lead access instantly, as a standard benefit for all of our programs!This is a huge aspect of our programs, since it doesn’t limit the evolution of your company or the opportunities afforded to you sales force. The morale-building aspect of this offer is something that our clients have commended us for, when it comes to their lead cold-calling team(s).

Accurate Filtering

As mentioned earlier, making sure that the business sales leads provided are relevant to your business is a must. We are able to achieve this necessary aspect of our lists through the use of proprietary technology that is able to filter our leads in accordance with the specific requirements of each client. With the millions of businesses that we have listed in our database, our filtering capabilities have a success rate that exceeds 90%! How do you think that would compare to someone who is cold-calling businesses out of the phone book? This is why it just makes sense to use SalesRipe’s advantages.

Manage Your Leads

SalesRipe also provides an exceptionally helpful management tool that will allow you to work with your leads in any manner that you find helpful. Having the ability to directly manage your leads online is the best way to make your business sales leads efforts consistent throughout all of your sales leads team members. It also makes it much easier for you to monitor what each member of your sales leads team is doing, in order to offer your own input.

Our company is also comprised of sales professionals who have worked “out in the field” and understand what our clients need, when it comes to lead procurement. That way, we are able to assist you with helpful hints that have been proven to be successful when it comes to growing a business that relies on quality, accurate and qualified lead calling.

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