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Are you ready to take your sales team from good to great? There’s no better solution than getting lists from SalesRipe. Here’s everything you need to know about the process.

Know Whom You’re Targeting

For starters, know how to identify your ideal customer. You can do this by ranking them in ways such as most profitable, best revenue, and even easiest with which to do business. Then, go ahead and rank them as least profitable, worst revenue and extremely difficult with which to do business. Then, evaluate these characteristics based on the top 5 companies on your list. By doing this, you are creating a picture of your ideal customer.

SalesRipe Lists Are Ideal

SalesRipe has all the basic demographic date you’ll ever need. You won’t have to do any extra research to fit your ideal customer profile and you can reach beyond just top executives and add a plethora of contacts to your list.

SalesRipe is Consultative

While most Sales Leads Lists can be purchased from pushy list sellers, SalesRipe is anything buy pushy. We are rewarded by our customer service, not by our sales. We are always clear that you are actually buying our lists, not simply renting them. They are yours. You will always get the correct demographic so you always reach your idea customer. And, we always create our lists based on both keyword and SIC code.

Invest in the best, not the cheapest

At SalesRipe, we realize that our lists may not be the cheapest in the business. Why? Well, the cheapest lists on the market may actually run you the most money in the long run because the data from the cheap companies often have disqualified contacts, and rarely attain a lead. Many times when you get a lead list with the cheapest company you’ll find their leads aren’t even with the company anymore. Our sales leads lists are always up-to-date and accurate.

Remember, what it all comes down to is quality, premium lists. You could have the best campaign, yet, if your list is complete garbage then you’ll be stuck with just that – garbage. You will have wasted your time and energy on ineffective leads. At SalesRipe, we know that the success of an outbound campaign hinges on a high-quality list. That’s why SalesRipe is dedicated to monitoring updating and maintaining your lists so you get the best possible results every time.

In a perfect world, everyone who can benefit from your company, product or service would simply find you and ask to be on your list. However, this rarely happens, if at all. So SalesRipe is ready to invite you to buy sales lead lists from us and allow your company to see the difference. You may be surprised what a difference a premium list makes to your business or enterprise. Are you ready to see the difference and buy sales leads lists? Start your free trial today! You’ll quickly see we are the best.

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