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At SalesRipe, our advanced technical processes are designed by experts in the marketing field. That’s why our marketing clients buy business leads from us, with confidence. The primary goal that we have set down for our product functionality revolves around the results and ultimate success experienced by those who use our services. This separates us from companies that merely collect business names, email addresses and phone numbers and then hand them out to their customers. I’m sure you’ll agree that there are far more complexities to successful businesses marketing than just wasting time by cold-calling from poorly qualified business lists!

When your company partners with SalesRipe, we become more than just a provider of names and data. In essence, we become an actual extension of your sales force. Our job is to initially perform the research that will enable us to create highly reliable, qualified leads that match your own products and/or service offerings. This translates into more closing opportunities which will lead to your own company’s expansion.

One of our most effective technological innovations has to do with our ability to perform email verification that will prevent “hard-bouncing” while ensuring ethical email best practices. This will protect your company’s good name and reputation, while enhancing your email system’s delivery percentage.

When you buy business leads from SalesRipe, you also have the opportunity to use our online management tools when it comes to formulating and managing your company’s email campaigns. This management capability can be extended to either local businesses or assigned nationwide parameters based on your preferred demographics. In addition, you will have the ability to filter your business search lists by; State, County, City, Zip Code, Area Code, SIC Code, industry type, company sales volume, the number of employees, the presence of a URL and/or fax number and other particulars.

In addition to contacting potential clients, when you purchase leads from SalesRipe, you will also have the capability to arrange your business clients by map coordinates. This will assist your representatives when it comes to planning out their appointment strategy with driving and/or flying schedules in mind. By creating a contact plan based on location, a significant amount of time and money can be saved along with easing your representative’s stress factor and overall travel agendas.

Along with travel organization advantages, you can also take advantage of our built-in calendar function that will provide essential appointment reminders that are critical when dealing with business executives and other decision-making personnel. Speaking of which, you will also be able to filter your business lists according to Job Titles and Executive Data. By dealing with appropriate business contacts such as; Owners, CEO’s, Presidents, Human Resource Directors and other key players, you can avoid situations in which you’re not speaking with a decision-maker.

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