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For those businesses that rely on email lists for B2B prospecting, having access to highly accurate business email leads is extremely important. Otherwise, time is wasted while your email messages are bounced back on a continuous basis. At SalesRipe, we offer an exceptionally accurate database that we use for our B2B leads. We understand that email addresses can change at any time and it’s important to keep up with those changes. You would be surprised to see how many old, inaccurate prospecting lists that are sent out to companies and end up wasting precious prospecting time!

In addition to having the ability to supply highly accurate B2B email lists, we also offer a technically advanced filtering technology that allows us to create prospecting lists that are extremely relevant to the business that you happen to be in. Basically, this translates into our clients being able to call the businesses that are most likely able to need the products and/or services that they’re offering. In many cases, our clients have reached businesses that are actually ready to purchase the moment they’re contacted!

Having Enough Leads

Of course, you understand that it’s next to impossible to grow your company without having enough prospects to call. Therefore, at SalesRipe, we prevent a situation in which our clients run out of leads by offering every client an unlimited number of contacts! This benefit is not something that we require our clients to purchase our largest plans to get, either. This benefit is available to all of our clients.

However, here is something that you also need to watch out for. Some companies can offer so-called “unlimited” leads that are really just the outdated leads that were mentioned earlier. It doesn’t help a company when they receive poorly researched leads – no matter how many they’re sent! With SalesRipe, when we say “unlimited”, we mean quality unlimited contacts!

B2B Contacts Management

Besides having an up-to-date email database, we also offer our clients the ability to manage their contacts in different ways, according to their prospecting requirements. For example, clients can receive lists from our email database that are categorized by the type of industry that they desire. Or they can even secure B2B lists that are compiled according to the business owner’s email. If a specific geographic region is desired, lists can be provided according to those specifications as well.

For management purposes, you will have the advantage of being able to download your contacts onto Excel spreadsheets or print them up for your convenience. We also provide all our clients with the option of using our own proprietary online Lead Management Program. At SalesRipe, we make managing your contacts as easy as possible! Start your Free Trial now!

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