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One aspect of sales lead generation that many companies do not immediately consider is geographic structure based on zip codes. However, it is necessary for your company to know the market potential. In order to do so while effectively tracking sales performance, using zip codes for all CRM data should be a high priority.

At Salesripe, users can find sales leads by zip code. Some users choose to target specific zip codes one at a time because within Salesripe you can input a list of zip codes and find leads in those zip codes. With each zip code comes approximately 40,000 micro-markets. This market data holds information to describe your white space for growth. From cities, counties and sales territories to region and more, you’ll find extraordinary analytics from this geographic information. And, perhaps best of all, those thousands of contacts can be adjusted and readjusted within minutes. With Salesripes’ technology the sales leads you need most are at your fingertips.

Ignoring zip code sales leads is just not an option anymore. There is so much geographic market data presented such as the number of companies by NAICS industry code, or the number of people in a certain job position, that can quickly and easily be targeted by your sales team. As far as consumer targeting goes, endless datasets exist based on income, buying habits, age and so forth.

The combined data of zip code data and data over competitive performance, creates a system that will be extremely valuable for your marketing and sales goals. Thanks to the sales leads generated by zip codes from Salesripe, it is now possible to pinpoint each geographic area’s market possibilities and compare each one against customers you already have in your database. This gives your sales team a way to keep track of everyone while collaborating in the best target areas. These unprecedented insights on where to place a selling emphasis will give your sales team the best shot at hitting more leads and obtaining the most new customers.

Additionally, utilizing sales leads by zip code helps to improve your marketing strategies as well. Thanks to Salesripe, your team will have the ability to view the company’s growth potential in real time. This gives you the opportunity to rethink and improve current marketing strategies as well as all sales strategies currently in place.

Integrating geographic structure through zip code generated sales leads accelerates your sales teams’ success. Revenue growth will be at an all-time high because of a proactive focus on geographical areas. By utilizing the data of each zip code and it’s market value, your sales team can create better marketing campaigns and refocus their sales activities. The CRM data will become actionable, and your team will generate and get more customers while closing deals.

Thanks to sales leads with zip code structure from SalesRipe, you will have the competitive advantage and easily surpass your competition every single time. Get started with your FREE trial today!

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