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One of the categories of services offered by SalesRipe revolves around qualifiedSales Prospecting Leads. In this particular category, our clients utilize our advanced sales lead procurement techniques in order to assist them in building their businesses. For those who have experience in sales, prospecting equals cold-calling and ineffectual cold-calling can become a demoralizing activity for those who lack the proper leads at their disposal.

For those who are experienced in marketing, it’s commonly known that prospecting is the first thing that needs to be done when dealing with the sales cycle. However, many individuals (especially those who are just starting out in business) believe that this means obtaining any available list of names and phone numbers and begin making their calls. This can be a serious error, since having unqualified (or just plain “poor”) leads can actually do more harm than not having any phone lists at all!

That’s because time is money. Spending an inordinate amount of time calling up those who are either uninterested in your product or can’t afford what you’re selling will eventually end up being a liability instead of an advantage. Wasting time is one of the primary reasons why businesses fail to prosper and being efficient is a must. This means that you will want to do your prospecting from lists of qualified potential customers.

The sales prospecting leads offered by SalesRipe come from those individuals who are actually compatible with the product that you’re marketing. We do this by first clarifying a definition of the ideal prospect and begin working from there. For example, those who have a certain amount of experience with selling a particular product will, over time, be familiar with the type of person who represents their most likely customer.

The qualities that are exhibited by these “prime prospects” are generally listed and that list is then compared to those who are available to be placed on a viable list of leads. At SalesRipe, we have the experience and technical ability to assemble such lists that are matched to whatever product our clients are marketing. This saves our clients an exceptional amount of time and prevents them from wasting the efforts of their sales force. This, in turn, translates into more sales and time used efficiently.

All-in-all, our service represents the research that you would normally have to pay your sales force for, in order to obtain qualified people to get in contact with. With SalesRipe, you eliminate the headaches, frustrations and waste that are associated with sitting at the phone and obtaining little or no results, day-after-day.

In a relatively short amount of time, it will become abundantly clear that the investment that you and your company have made with leads obtained through SalesRipe equate to one of the best investments that you could possibly make, when it comes to your customer prospecting efforts. Save time, money and encourage your sales personnel by using SalesRipe for your lead generation. Start your Free Trial now!

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