Growth Starts with Quality Leads

Telemarketing business leadsrequire several considerations, when it comes to forming an effective component of a company’s sales-generation plan of action. SalesRipe lead generation represents a highly effective means of generating qualified telemarketing lists that will match your company’s products/services with those who are most likely to require and benefit from them.

If you’ve set up a telemarketing company or even if you have a service that is limited to your personal telemarketing efforts, you’ll need quality telemarketing leads. SalesRipe is a respected broker of telemarketing lists, which are distinguished by the qualification efforts that have gone into them. It’s an obvious point to make that the eventual success and financial gains to be made from your telemarketing efforts will hinge on your ability to close your leads within a certain percentage. The higher the percentage of leads closed - the more financial awards to be gained. It’s that simple.

The benefits of high quality leads

Let’s face it, there are quite a number of sources for telemarketing lists to be found online. Because of this, you may be asking yourself just how you can choose the best source out there. With SalesRipe, the answers become quite simple.

First of all, we have the experience necessary to determine exactly which telephone compiler’s data can be considered to be the most accurate. This means that we understand where to obtain the telephone lists that contain the fewest disconnects. Once we have that necessary baseline established, then we can move on to the next criteria. That would be whether or not the leads are pertinent to the business genre that you’re associated with. Once this is accomplished, we go one step further. Our specialty is providing numbers from unique sources that go beyond those standard lists.

What about the Do Not Call (DNC) laws?

According to law, it’s the caller that is responsible for adhering to the specifications of the Do Not Call Lists. SalesRipe has an internal Do Not Call List that we scrub against. But because phone numbers are added daily to the Do NotCall list, it is your responsibility to remove those numbers before calling. Therefore it’s advised that you register for a SAN number here:

Of course, the current Do Not Call policies has somewhat restricted the number of available telemarketing business leads. We have dealt with this business reality by developing new ways of phone list augmentation. We’ve managed to do this through our unique technological approach to creating phone lists that have proven to be of exceptional high quality. This is the reason why we have such a loyal client following. I’m sure you’ll agree that a lead producing company that handed out poor telemarketing lists would not be in business for any length of time! Our success in this field demonstrates the quality of our product.

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