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In a world of smart phones, it’s no surprise that telephone leads are a significant part of generating sales and growing your business. Of course, it’s important to not write off landlines too. While there is a clear value discrepancy between all the various types of leads out there, there’s no denying that telephone leads are a huge part of why so many businesses do so well. Successful companies get leads from SalesRipe because they know they can positively target landlines and wireless numbers for their telemarketing campaigns.

In a competitive market, there really is only one way to beat out your competition and win in the lead game and that’s to own your own leads. You can’t expect to succeed if you don’t have a huge database of numbers to call from the moment you begin your telemarketing campaign. You may have the best campaign out there, but if you don’t have any leads to blast, then your campaign work will simply be in vain. Having a list of reputable and invaluable numbers to all is one of the most critical ways for you to experience growth as a company.

SalesRipe knows that phone leads are 300% more likely to close than any other type of leads. Why? Well, email is also a profitable way to do business and reach customers, you can’t be sure that someone will actually open their email. Think of it this way, you can email, but you can’t be there in person to open the email and read it to them to make sure the consumer understands what you are telling them. With a phone call, you can do just that! This valuable type of communication is not dead despite all the new types of technology we currently have for contacting one another. The quickest way to get your message across is with a live, real-life conversation with your prospective client. You can be there when the customer is asking questions. You can quickly answer for them. The problem with email, is even if they have a question, it is typically not answered immediately. And, if they are clicking around online, they can click around and check out the competition too. Don’t give them the opportunity to stray!

Just think how much more successful your sales team will be when they are sending emails AND making calls when your competition is simply just sending out emails. The statistics are shocking! The leads are 47% more likely to go to you instead of your competitors. Almost half! Obtaining a high quality SalesRipe list has never been more important for your company.

When you connect directly with your sales lead you can move the needle over just that much more and turn them from the beginning of the buying cycle to ready to pull the trigger and sign on the dotted line today. Are you ready to help make that happen? Then give SalesRipe a call to find out more and get your free trial today!

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