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When calling small businesses, you’ll notice that there are a couple of unique advantages, as opposed to dealing with larger companies and corporations. First of all, closing a deal with a small business usually takes far less time than with a much larger organization. The reason is obvious. Think about the number of people that stand between you and the decision-maker, when dealing with a large company. With a small business, the primary decision maker is usually right in the next room, if they’re not actually the ones answering your call!

Speaking of the primary decision maker, with a large company you can easily run into a situation in which more than one person needs to give an approval. This is relatively rare with a small business. However, there is one major factor when it comes to having success with calling a U.S. Small Business List.You need to have access to lists that actually pertain to the industry that you’re marketing to. It isn’t likely that a lawn furniture company will be in the market for shotgun shells!

Calling Lists That Make Sense!

With SalesRipe, we have the experience to completely understand the things that our customers need, when cold-calling leads. Because of this, we have developed our own filtering methods that ensure the lists that we provide our clients match the industry that they’re marketing to. This actually translates into many of our clients reporting that they ended up calling businesses that were already to buy as soon as they were called!

It also makes sense that our clients should get the number of leads that their business requires. They don’t want to call a bunch of leads and then run out of leads to call - then wait for more leads to be sent. With SalesRipe, we offer the advantage of unlimited leads to all of our clients – from the second they sign up with us!

Organize Your Work

It stands to reason that the most successful businesses are the ones who take the time to organize their efforts. With SalesRipe you can take your list and organize the information according to your business plan. For those who have their own management system, we provide the advantage of being able to download your list data onto easy-to-manage Excel sheets. For storage and meeting purposes, we make it easy to print up your lists, as well. You can also take advantage of our own online List Management application, which is designed to offer easy organization.

When it comes to efficiently dealing with customers, you’ll also have the ability to organize your U.S. Small Business list by regional location and other helpful parameters (job titles, business owners, etc.). When it comes to organizing your lists we do the work for you!

There are a number of other benefits associated with using SalesRipe that include; duplication avoidance, quick lead searches and many others. All-in-all, we have what it takes in order to bring your business to the next level. Start your Free Trial now!

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