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SalesRipe is an easy-to-use lead generation platform that provides targeted business and consumer sales leads. Our platform has helped businesses around the world increase their growth by eliminating valuable time and resources spent on finding and connecting with their next customers. SalesRipe’s database contains over 200 million consumer and 20 million business sales leads in an easy to use interface—where you can search by industry, location, company size, title, age, and more—and come up with sales leads instantly. Our platform is designed to put business owners, sales, and marketing professionals in a position to only focus on what matters—closing more sales.

Why Choose SalesRipe?

Complete B2B and B2C Database

Over 200 million consumer and 20 million business sales leads available.

Accurate and Reliable Data

Our Business and Consumer Data is updated monthly. On average our data is 90% accurate.

Unlimited Contact Lookup’s and Views

Lookup and view unlimited contacts and companies—including phone numbers and email addresses. A credit is only deducted for downloads.

Downloadable Leads

Leads that can be instantly downloaded to excel.

Affordable Pricing

SalesRipe offers a variety of plans starting as low as $49 per month.

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees

Unlike most of our competitors, SalesRipe has no contracts or hidden fees.

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