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Build Targeted Prospect Lists

Build a targeted list of prospects by using SalesRipe’s comprehensive database containing over 200 million consumer and 20 million business sales leads. Narrow your search down by industry, location, title, income, company size, age, and much more. Our platform offers unlimited access to detailed contact information on your prospects—including full name, company name, address, phone number, email address, and more.

Our Data

Eliminate valuable time and resources wasted on inaccurate and outdated leads. While no data is 100% accurate, we pride ourselves on being able to offer highly accurate and up-to-date business and consumer data. On average, our data is 90% accurate. Our team is committed to compiling the most accurate data available to help your business thrive.

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Target Specific Accounts

With SalesRipe, you can look up any company or contact’s information and instantly get data on your target accounts. By using the account-based marketing method you can save valuable time and resources spent hunting for a lead’s contact information and only focus your outreach efforts on the right accounts.

Technology Tracking

With SalesRipe you can find prospects based on their technology choices, such as the CRM, analytics and marketing tools that they use. You can then use this information to determine which companies stand to benefit the most from your own offerings, as well as which leads would be less likely to convert. Most importantly, this allows you to tailor your B2B sales pitch in a way that directly reflects the potential needs of your lead. When used properly, this information can dramatically increase your sales results.

Built-In Lead Manager

Our built-in Lead Manager allows you to keep track of all the information associated with a particular lead or customer so that your sales team is always aware of a client’s needs or concerns. From tracking initial outreach and follow-up efforts to closing the deal, our Lead Manager ensures that no lead slips through the cracks. With SalesRipe’s built in Lead Manager, you can improve both sales results and client satisfaction.

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