SalesRipe for Marketing

What's the biggest challenge any marketer faces?

Generating leads. You’re charged with generating qualified leads for your company’s sales force. But how much time and effort are you wasting on marketing campaigns underpinned by less than stellar data?

Better data = Successful marketing campaigns

If you’re concerned about measuring ROI, you know that finding the right lead generation platform with reliable and accurate data is a must.

With SalesRipe, You Can:

  • Find accurate contact information and email addresses for more successful email marketing campaigns.

  • Kick start your account-based marketing activities by targeting specific companies that are your ideal customers.

  • Create a more effective marketing list in seconds with a few clicks.

  • Target specific industries by revenues, location, number of employees, and much more.

Save Time and Money

With SalesRipe, you get an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform that instantly helps you find and manage hundreds, or even thousands, of potential customers.

Why Choose SalesRipe

Feed your technology-enabled
marketing strategies

Marketing technology allows you to reach more targets and prospects with less. While cutting-edge technology is more efficient and effective, your output is still only as good as the data you put in. Feed your technology-enabled marketing strategies with 90% accurate data from SalesRipe, the only provider who can claim this accuracy at an affordable price.

Skyrocket your ABM strategy

Account-based marketing (ABM) lets you target specific companies that constitute your ideal customer profile. SalesRipe helps you identify and expand on multiple target companies to scale your ABM program. You can find, rank, and sort accounts based on a wide variety of elements to prioritize your marketing efforts by the best candidates.

Scrub your lists

Are your lists inaccurate or outdated? You can scrub your lists with SalesRipe’s accurate data updated monthly. You can use the leads you find in SalesRipe to scrub your lists and eliminate duplicate contacts to streamline your data. You spend your valuable time on your marketing campaigns, and let SalesRipe produce accurate and reliable data.

Expand your pipeline

Are you always trying to find new markets for your campaigns? You can easily identify target prospects by industry, company, contact title, and even the technology they use. Build a list of key decision-makers for your next marketing campaign and send them personalized messages that speak directly to their needs and wants.

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