Why Generating Business Leads By Zip Codes Is a Great Idea

Gary Wellington
April 6, 2017

When you’re on the hunt for good leads that will hopefully turn into sales, the process can be overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to begin looking for business leads, using zip codes is the perfect place to start.

Not only can using zip codes give you specific data sets on consumers that other lead generating strategies can’t, but easy-to-use targeted prospect list tools like SalesRipe make the process simple and hassle-free.

SalesRipe has all the tools you need to start using zip codes to generate business leads. Whether you’re running a large-scale company or a small business, generating leads has never been easier. Read below to find out why using zip codes to get leads is the best idea out there.

Easily Find Local and Small Businesses

Local and small businesses can be key leads that turn into loyal customers and steady revenue, but often they’re difficult to pin point and contact. Not anymore. With SalesRipe’s easy-to-use lead generating tools you can simply upload or insert a list of zip codes into the system.

Then all you need to do is press enter and voila, a list of small businesses located within your chosen zip codes appears like magic. Using zip codes to generate leads is an excellent way to narrow down potential clients by specific location and area. 

Minimize Your Travel Time With Business Leads By Zip Code

If you’re a small business or a company without a lot of resources, traveling can put a strain on your finances. By generating leads that are close by to your office, you’ll never have to worry about traveling long distances to meet with clients.

Think about all the money you can save on gas and plane tickets. With leads generated by zip code, you can find potential customers you didn’t know you had right in your own backyard.

Finding Targeted Leads in a Specific Radius

The great thing about zip code lead generation is that you have control and versatility over what areas you want to use to build your prospect list. If you want to stay local you can target leads within a specific radius around your business.

At the same time if you’re looking to expand your lead pool but not across the entire country, you can easily generate leads by state or city. Generating leads statewide allows you to increase the volume of leads that are available to you, giving you a wider variety of options.

When targeting a specific radius of generated leads, you can also use a three-digit zip code that allows you to choose from small parts of a densely populated neighborhood like New York City for example. This strategy can allow you to target specific demographics of consumers.

Improve Your Marketing and Sales Strategies

With highly targeted and specifically generated business leads through zip codes, you can see exactly in what areas you need to improve your marketing and sales strategies.

If your cold calling is working great in one city, but not so great in another you can quickly pinpoint the zip codes of the leads that didn’t work out and readjust your strategy.

Sometimes potential clients of different demographics that live in specific areas respond better to one marketing or sales strategy than another. Take some time to test out a couple different strategies among your zip code generated leads to figure out which ones work best.

Bottom Line

Generating business leads by zip code is a great idea and a simple way to target your list of prospects. With SalesRipe’s lead generation tools, you can easily find local and small business and start turning your leads into customers today.

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