The Best Lead Generation Software to Use in 2019

Gary Wellington
July 23, 2019

Today, it’s more complicated than ever to acquire customers, but the potential for scale has also never been so great. To have the best chance of success, you have to find the best lead generation software, and you have to make good use of it

Here’s a look at the best lead generation tools to use in 2019…

What Is Lead Generation Software?

Your customers are out there; they’re just scattered across digital space. To identify and engage with your target audience, you have to find the right lead generation software. Then you have to convert them from simple leads into sales.

Lead generation software refers to the tools that can help you succeed in this process. Sales teams call on a suite of these tools to identify the correct prospects, entice them to buy in, and close the deal.

Every business is different, and you’ll find your own unique approach as you become more familiar with the various lead generation tools out there. To help you get started, here’s a closer look at some of the best tools on the market...

The Best Lead Generation Tools

Let’s take a look at the best lead generation tools, which have been ranked according to key factors… 

1. Lead Providers

Here’s are some of the best lead providers:


SalesRipe is an affordable option for providing data about business contacts. We’re passionate about helping users achieve spectacular growth by making it easy for them to identify and connect with their next customers.

Our tool is used by a wide range of businesses around the world, and they appreciate the speed and simplicity of our platform.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that gives its users the opportunity to connect with LinkedIn’s 560M+ members. Specifically, it gives sales professionals the chance to create links and cultivate relationships.

Since the tool is somewhat sophisticated, it could be an interesting investment if you extensively use LinkedIn extensively for prospecting.


BuiltWith is a very interesting tool for tech companies that are hoping to learn more about whether prospects need their services. Since this tool has information on over a quarter of a billion websites, it can boost your sales intelligence.

If you understand a prospect before you speak with him or her, you’ll have a better chance at having an inspirational conversation that will close the sale. 

2. Email Marketing Software

A lot of the email and automation tools used to be quite expensive, well not anymore. There is a lot of very affordable and even cheap email newsletter software out there that will give you all the bits and pieces you need to keep in touch with your audience.

Here’s a closer look at the best email marketing software out there.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a tool that makes it easy for sales and marketing professionals to create, send, and measure the impact of their email marketing campaigns. In fact, over 2 million marketers around the world use this tool.

You’ll be able to more easily nurture leads if you send attractive and performant emails, then analyze how they perform. 


Act-On is a piece of marketing automation software that helps sales and marketing professionals increase and convert leads faster and more efficiently. This SaaS platform is based in the USA, but it has customers all over the world.

This tool will help you engage, convert, and measure your leads throughout the buyer’s journey. It also helps you adapt to the preferences and interests of your leads.


SendX is intuitive, feature-rich, and affordable email marketing software that helps sales and marketing professionals nurture leads and close sales.  To coordinate their email marketing activities, over 3,000 companies use this platform.

The platform really does make email marketing more effective by offering features like click-through, open-rate analyses, and much more.

3. Prospecting and Outreach Software

Here’s a closer look at the best prospecting and outreach software… is a sales automation platform that helps increase the productivity of modern sales teams. A range of features are used to help sales professionals increase their output and connect with as many prospects as possible.

A range of data points help sales and marketing professionals assess the efficacy of their communications and make the alterations they need to improve them even more. is a single platform that aims at driving the efficiency and effectiveness of the teams within your business. By helping you focus on every interaction, your teams are better able to drive efficient growth.

A wide range of organizations and startups around the world trust to get the outreach results they need.


Mailshake is a simple solution for cold emails. To start generating leads, building relationships, and promoting important pieces of content,.the only thing sales and marketing professionals need is a Google account.  

This tool is used by a wide range of clients around the world. The power of machine-learning algorithms is leveraged to offer automated suggestions that help make your outreach activities as effective as possible.

4. Advertising Software

To attract leads, you’re going to need to make good use of advertising tools.

Google Ads

Google Ads helps businesses acquire more customers via online advertising. This tool makes it easy for businesses to reach the right customers and grow their businesses.

Like all Google products, this tool is very well-developed, and you can look forward to displaying your ads within a short span of time. To get things moving, you simply follow a few easy steps. 


AdEspresso helps you create the actual ads your target audience will see. Furthermore, this tool makes your digital advertising activities easy, fast, and effective.

By helping you create a range of variations with just a few clicks, it makes it  easier to successfully navigate key platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, and Google).


AdRoll is a  platform for retargeting, and growth marketing that helps thousands of brands boost their revenues through better marketing and advertising. Specifically, this tool makes it easy to create brilliant display, email, and video ads.

You’ll find that the tool helps you attract new users, convert them, and measure the performance of your advertising initiatives.

5. Live Chat Software

Your prospects expect 24/7 service. So you can provide it with live chat software.


As the name implies, LiveChat is premium live-chat software that’s used by thousands of businesses around the world. This tool is simple to set up, and makes it easy for you to capitalize on your website traffic and connect with your customers.

This tool can also integrate with over 130 other tools, which makes it an effective option for boosting results in your organization.


Intercom is a customer-messaging platform that aims at helping make businesses feel personal again. It achieves this goal by offering a totally customizable messaging suite that can drive growth throughout the sales process.

By improving the precision of your communication, you’ll find that the tool can accelerate engagement, which will move your prospects through your sales funnel faster.


Drift is chat software that helps businesses generate more leads, convert more traffic, and book more meetings. Its overall goal is to remedy this problem: The average website only converts 2% of its traffic.

Over 100,000 businesses use this tool to improve their conversion rates through organic conversation that’s facilitated by a range of bots who act as personal assistants on your website.

6. CRM Software

Every business needs a method of tracking their sales pipeline. In other words, they need a fantastic CRM.


Agile is a powerful yet affordable CRM that offers a wide range of features to help businesses stay on top of their customer relationships. This tool assists in three key ways: sales enablement, marketing automation, and customer service.

If you want an affordable, all-in-one CRM that offers next-generation features, Agile  could be the tool you’re looking for.


Zoho is online CRM that helps businesses to manage their sales, marketing, and support on one centralized platform. By helping businesses reach out to prospects with the right messages at the right moment, this tool can help boost the results of businesses.

This multichannel sales CRM provides email, live chat, phone calls,  and social media. By helping you cover all of these key channels, the tool gives you the best possible chance of success.


When it comes to the CRM world, Hubspot is one of the key names. This free tool offers sales teams the ability to organize, track, and nurture their leads and customers, in order to speed up the sales process.

Furthermore, Hubspot is free and scalable, which means that businesses have the option to cater the tool according to their specific needs.

7. Calling Tools

To close deals, your sales team must make the most of phone calls, so they need the tools detailed below. 


CallHippo is a virtual telephony and workflow automation tool that empowers sales professionals to call over 190 countries without using a desk phone. In addition, this tool converts calls to local numbers, which improves the likelihood of connecting.

This tool is fast and easy to set up, and it can be used to help you connect with your customers on both desktop and mobile devices.


CrazyCall gives sales teams the easiest way to simplify their calling efforts. Specifically, it nourishes your customers and guarantees their satisfaction. CrazyCall is very easy to use, as it helps make sure that sales professionals are always ready to make the next call.

In fact, this tool helps with the automation of calls to reduce downtime, and gives businesses the tools they need to boost sales results.


ConnectLeader is a piece of sales engagement software that helps businesses consistently exceed their quotas. This tool makes it easy for sales managers to prioritize leads and sequence engagement via a range of channels.

This automation can help increase sales productivity, and it offers a significant and observable impact on your bottom line.

8. Calendar Scheduling Software

It’s important for your sales team to keep track of their various appointments by using the best calendar-scheduling software out there.


Calendly is a calendar tool that makes it easy for sales professionals to schedule their meetings while they cut back on the amount of time it takes to organize those meetings.

This simple platform really makes it easy to book meetings by offering a range of features, such as calendar integrations and buffer times between meetings. 


Monday is a visual project management platform that offers a great deal of functionality as far as organizing and tracking projects. Since this tool offers great calendar support, some teams decide to use it as their all-in-one option. 

You’ll find that this tool has the power to put your workflow on autopilot, as it makes it easy for you to integrate your favorite tools into one place (including your calendar).

When I Work

When I Work aims at helping you solve the challenges of employee scheduling. Thousands of businesses around the world rely on this tool for scheduling meetings and tracking time.  

By making it easy to create and share schedules, the tool can save you hundreds of hours over the course of a year.

9. Lead Capturing Software

In order to succeed, it’s critical for you to be able to capture important information about your leads by using lead-capturing software.


Pipedrive is primarily CRM that aims at helping sales teams boost their close rate by up to 28%. This tool is used by thousands of ambitious businesses that want to capture fast,  impressive growth.

In addition, Pipedrive is quick to set up, and it offers a range of features that make it easier for you to capture critical information about your leads.


LeadFeeder gives sales teams the opportunity to generate more leads by seeing exactly who visits their website. On average, only 2% of visitors leave their contact details, so this tool aims at shining a light on the remaining 98%.

This tool achieves this goal by connecting to Google Analytics. Once the visitors have been identified, their activity is scored in order to highlight how mature they are as a prospect.


Snitcher is similar to LeadFeeder, in that it gives you a closer look at the companies that are visiting your website, and exactly what they do there. This tool enhances your data, and gives you a better idea of what to expect from your leads.

Snitcher is used by thousands of businesses around the world, and it’s helped many companies achieve dramatic boosts to their customer acquisition activities.


Albacross is a B2B lead generation solution that helps businesses to automatically convert anonymous website visitors into actionable, warm leads. It provides you with hyper-specific details about companies interested in your business including their size, revenue, industry, demographics, and contact details of their chief decision-makers. 

Additionally, you will gain insights into the behavior of your website visitors, such as time spent on your website and buyer consideration stage. This functionality goes a long way toward optimizing your prospecting time.

10. Landing Page Software

Landing pages can help you passively acquire new leads. Therefore, you should find landing-page software that you trust.


Unbounce is a landing page platform that aims at helping sales and marketing teams generate more leads, sales, and customers by using the power of landing pages. A simple drag-and-drop builder makes it easy for you to create truly beautiful landing pages.

Once these pages have been deployed, Unbounce makes it easy for you to conduct A/B tests and get a closer look at the performance of your variants.


Instapage is a platform that’s designed to help sales and marketing professionals create, personalize, and optimize their landing pages. This tool boasts that it can help to increase conversions by 400%, and it’s achieved great results for a wide range of companies.

You can read through a wide range of customer success stories, which will givesyou a better idea of whether this landing-page tool will be right for you.


Leadpages is a landing-page builder that offers rich, built-in analytics that help sales and marketing professionals adjust their landing pages. A drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create pages, while A/B testing helps boost results.

This tool is one of the most premium landing-page builders on the market, and a free 14-day trial makes it easy for you to decide whether it’s the right tool for you.


We hope this listing of the best lead-generation software has been useful for you. As you can see, there are lots of options out there. So  you should feel free to experiment, and find the configuration that works best for you and your team!

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